At Midwives Perth, we believe that women can’t make informed choices about how to birth their babies until they are informed. Your midwife will recommend books and websites for you to look at, births to watch on DVD or video, and discussions to have with your partner, family and baby to see what feels right for you. Every birth is different, unique, magical. It is an absolute privilege for us to be there to support and witness you at your most powerful, birthing your baby. It’s miraculous every time.


During your pregnancy, you will have worked out with your midwife how you would like to birth and where. You will feel comfortable with making informed choices about a range of scenarios and who will be present at the birth. You will have been in constant contact with your midwife in the build-up to the birth and be seeing her regularly so that by the time the first contractions start, you will be excited, confident and prepared.


In labour your midwife is on hand helping you to choose when to go to the hospital, she will then provide your care throughout your labour and birth until you have fed your baby and you both feel settled.


You are always supported, heard, respected and loved as you go through one of the most major, intense and important transitions of your life.