Post Birth

During pregnancy (especially if you have never had a baby before!) the majority of your focus is usually on the birth but once your baby is born it can sometimes seem that birthing your baby is the easy part as new mothers struggle to get to grips with breastfeeding, the disruption, lack of sleep and responsibility of taking care of a new baby.


At Midwives Perth, we are passionate about post-birth care and offer this service to all women regardless of where you have birthed your baby.


Post birth (or postpartum) can be a very difficult time for any woman and we believe it is crucial that every woman accesses real and practical support. For this reason, we offer flexibility in options for home visiting and clinic-based care. We listen, we hear you and we help you.


Postnatal midwifery gives the new mother the support, care, understanding, and information she needs to successfully make the transition into motherhood. Our qualified lactation consultants and midwives come to your home and ensure that your baby is content, feeding happily and correctly, that you know how to take care of your nipples and successfully bath and settle your baby.


We check that you are returning to health after birthing and that you are eating and drinking enough, give you tips for successful sleeping strategies (for both mother and baby!), listen to your baby blues, mop up the tears and reassure you that you are the very best mother for your baby .


We help you to feel good about yourself, your new life and your new addition.